Experts in Membrane Solutions

Membrane Specialists LLC

Exclusive Distribution, North and South America

An exclusive, independent distributor of PCI Membranes in North and South America. Membrane Specialists LLC, assists with development of membrane processes and designs and builds membrane separation equipment for the industrial market. They additionally supply packaged water treatment plant for small communities.

A Common Partnership

Sharing a continuous relationship designed to uncover efficiency across the globe. Each location has in-house specialized engineers to work with you directly – ensuring quality, accountability, and roper contingency. Each business supports the primary goal to separate, clarify, or fractionate process streams.

Our products meet common certifications for pharmaceutical and food & beverage contact.

We develop products that improve the quality of life for humans and animals.

More Productive
Our solutions allow you to produce more product at a lower cost, improving your bottom line.

A Partnership with Premium Benefits

  • Our network is available across the globe
    Access to an extensive network of filtration professionals from all over the world who have experience with thousands of unique processes and applications.
  • Our product innovation has your spend in mind
    Products designed to maximize your productivity, product quality and bottom line.
  • Our lead times are shorter than industry standards
    We have the ability to quickly adjust to your changing needs.
  • Technical support is provided from product testing to post product/system follow-up
    Technical support from initial conversations to implementation and beyond. 

Membrane Specialists LLC

Background Details: Company Bio

Membrane Specialists LLC supplies a full range of membrane equipment and process-development services to clients in the industrial, biofuels/bioproducts, food & beverage, Nutraceuticals and water-treatment markets. The firm develops customized process solutions using microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis and all available membrane geometries including polymeric tubular, spiral-wound and hollow-fiber membranes, as well as inorganic ceramic and stainless-steel membranes. This unbiased approach to crossflow membrane selection ensures a truly independent solution for each application.