C10 Series Tubular Membrane Modules

C10 Series Tubular Membrane Modules

Economic Option for Tubular Membranes

The C10 module provides economic use of a wide range of proven tubular UF and NF membranes and expands PCI’s range of tubular modules. The module has been developed for process and wastewater liquid separations, as well as specialist municipal applications.

The design allows the use of tubular membranes in areas where they were previously considered uncompetitive against thin-channel membrane configurations.

The C10 module is provided as part of a module stack which includes support frame, manifolds and module connectors. A range of standard stack sizes and designs can cater for a variety of different duties and raw water types. Alternatively, stacks can be designed specifically to meet the need of individual applications.

The module can be used in systems designed for operation at up to 12 bar at 20°C, dependent on the type of membrane fitted. The module is available as standard in 3.66m, 1.8m and 0.9m lengths, providing membrane areas of 10.5m2, 5.2m2 and 2.6m2 respectively.

  • ABS construction – lightweight and robust
  • Simple manifold connections – easy plant maintenance, reduced down-time
  • Open channel, tubular design – minimal feed prefiltration required; suitable for high levels of colloids and suspended solids
  • Foam ball cleaning for some applications – reduced operator supervision, reduced chemical consumption to only 4 times a year
  • Compact module design – quick and easy plant construction

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