Twin Entry (UF) Arrangement

Twin Entry (UF) Arrangement

For viscous materials an alternative end-cap type (known as “twin” or “double-entry”) is used which provides two parallel channels each of nine tubes in series. This allows viscous materials to be processed, and higher crossflow velocities to be used, with overall pressure drop minimized.

The temperature limit for the B1 module is 80oC, and the maximum operating pressure, for this module, is 16 bar.

The module is of stainless steel construction, with the 12.7mm diameter tubular membranes fitted into 18 perforated support tubes and available as standard in 3.66m, 2.4m and 1.2m lengths, providing membrane areas of 2.6m2, 1.7m2 and 0.9m2 respectively.

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