PCI Membranes is also a manufacturer of membrane plants for industrial, municipal, food and beverage applications. For over 50 years, PCI Membranes has been manufacturing and commissioning Engineered-To-Order (ETO) Plants designed on a project-by-project basis, skid built and site assembled (by others). PCI Membranes has delivered state-of-art systems to thousands of customers around the Globe. In recent times, however, it has become apparent that the compliance need is greater than what can be fulfilled by the current contract processes; the need cannot be financed at the costs of existing methods and the time available for compliance will not facilitate the extended programs of past projects.

PCI Membranes therefore, has pioneered a new approach for the implementation of a membrane plant. For example, we follow the three main drivers for all the services that we provide, these are:

• Provision of a quality product;

• Achievement of this at the lowest cost;

• Achievement of this in the least time.

By working with clients and representatives, PCI Membranes is confident that these targets have been achieved. By ensuring all of the customer requirements are understood through a robust
Engineering Package and then a realistic firm cost means there are significant savings in design, management and material costs. This results in a quality plant at the best value.