PCI Membranes has built up an enviable reputation around our engineering capability, high quality products, reliability and solution led approach for over 50 years. Whereby today we can offer process solutions using Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis technologies for a wide variety of industries.

Renewal Energy Solutions

Filtration can be used in several steps during the biodiesel production process. The use of filtration depends on the used feedstock.

Co-operation in Research

PCI Membranes also works in close co-operation with top scientific universities and research institutions around the world.

Membrane Technology for Chemicals

Membrane technology is developing to meet the demands of the chemical industry and new membranes are being produced which can operate in more extreme conditions such as high temperature, high/low pH and are more resistant to solvents.

Membrane Systems for Food and Beverages

PCI Membranes has many varied references in the food industry where membranes are increasing the product quality and also reducing the overall operating costs.

Industry Effluent

While environmental regulations and “green” politics create a demand for companies to cut effluent volumes, economics also plays a major role.

Side-Stream Membrane Bio-Reactors

Many of PCI Membranes’ wastewater treatment systems have now been in operation for decades, ensuring that customers comply with their environmental obligations reliably and efficiently.

Technology for Nutraceutical Plants

Nutraceuticals are edible products created by combining food and pharmaceutical components. 

Innovative Solutions for Forest Products

PCI Membranes has being working closely with this industry for over 30 years and has developed innovative solutions to help meet the industries’ increasingly stringent requirements.

Tubular Membrane Water Treatment Solutions

The Fyne Process is a simple, single stage process that employs advanced membrane filtration technology, together with screening, post conditioning and disinfection, to treat poor quality, variable water sources for municipal drinking water supply in rural small communities of up to 1000 people.