Membrane Bio-Reactors

Side-Stream Membrane Bio-Reactors

Proven Experience in Membrane Filtration and Biological Treatment Technology

PCI Membranes has provided industrial wastewater treatment solutions for a wide range of industries, including food and beverage production, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, pulp and paper processing, metal finishing and steel production. Many of PCI Membranes’ wastewater treatment systems have now been in operation for decades, ensuring that customers comply with their environmental obligations reliably and efficiently. This tradition continues with the side-stream Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), which has an established reputation within the wastewater treatment industry for cost effective, high quality solutions, built upon its vast experience of biological activated sludge treatment processes.

The PCI Membranes side-stream MBR was created to provide industrial and municipal customers with a technologically advanced, economical solution to their wastewater treatment needs. In the interests of minimising whole life costs and maximising performance a unique and innovative design approach was taken – separating biological treatment and membrane filtration into two distinct zones. This allows each stage of the process to be optimised individually, enabling operating conditions such as aeration rate to be controlled discretely for each stage to minimise cleaning and power cost. Furthermore, the flexibility this provides allows standard designs to be tailored to suit the specific requirements of particular industrial wastewater types.

The intensive nature of the biological treatment stage combined with the filtration barrier provided by the membrane stage makes the system robust and surprisingly simple to operate, enabling the process to tolerate considerable fluctuations in influent quality. A very high quality of effluent is produced that is suitable for on site reuse or direct discharge to sensitive receiving waters. It is also highly suited to polishing processes, such as PCI Membranes’ range of Reverse Osmosis systems, which are able to purify water to any standard required. Systems can be provided either as standard packages or bespoke designs to suit the nature of the wastewater and existing site infrastructure.

High Quality Effluent

ParameterExpected Effluent Quality
TSS< 1 ppm
Turbidity< 0.2 NTU

Benefits of side-stream MBR reactor

  • Treated water quality suitable for recycle / reuse
  • Low footprint
  • Significant operating cost savings by separating the activated sludge process from the membrane filtration process
  • Robust module design for easy maintenance
  • Design flexibility allowing for customisation to suit specific circumstances

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