Food and Beverage

Membrane Systems for Food and Beverages

The food and beverage industry has many thousands of membrane systems in operation today working with a wide range of products on a scale of a few litres per hour to several hundred m3 per hour.

Membrane separation is a simple pressure driven process which can clarify or concentrate food and beverages naturally without degrading the products. PCI Membranes has many varied references in the food industry where membranes are increasing the product quality and also reducing the overall operating costs.  Examples include the clarification of fruit juices such as apple juice, concentration of sugars and clarification of starches. The production of other products such as tea, coffee, yeast and flavorings have also benefited from the application of tubular membranes.

In the food industry there is an increasing awareness that tubular membrane systems can be easily integrated into an existing process line and provide a useful concentrate and a valuable filtrate or permeate at the same time. A very short payback is possible in many cases where these products can be recycled into the process.

Key Applications:

  • Veggie and Fruit juice clarification
  • Concentration of vegetable extracts
  • Sweetener and sugar clarification and concentration
  • Clarification and de-colouring of natural sugar solutions and starch derived sugars
  • Concentration and recovery of waste sugars
  • Flavour and fragrance concentration
  • Desalting and concentration of food colourings
  • Recovery of animal, fish and vegetable proteins
  • Purification and concentration of food products
  • Recovery of spent cleaning solutions
  • Clarification of fruit juice tubular microfiltration/ultrafiltration membranes

Fruit Juice Application Brochure

Learn how PCI Membranes can help you with your fruit production by downloading the brochure

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