K19 Series Tubular Membrane Modules

The K19 Series is designed to provide the most effective juice clarification process for a large variety of juice types. The K19 Series module design with PCI’s tubular membranes is available in a variety of lengths for the needs of industrial juice-production facilities. Smaller length modules are available for the replacement of existing systems for juice producers.

The membranes are fitted in a BPA free housing.


The K19 Series is engineered to deliver an alternative to the standard A19 with a stainless steel housing and both offering an efficient juice clarification process for a wide range of juice varieties. K19 modules are available with a wide range of membranes with different pore sizes for light or dark juice filtration, ensuring that larger particles and turbidity are retained, while color, flavor and aroma pass through to the filtrate side. K19 is ideal to clarify a diverse range of juices, including orange, apple, pear, cranberry, grape, berries, carrots, açai, pomegranate and other exotic varieties.


1. Enhanced environmental sustainability and efficiency through the use of BPA-free materials.

K19 is designed with a BPA free housing material. BPA is known to be a harmful chemical that can leach into food and beverages, posing health risks such as hormonal disruptions and increased risk of certain cancers. BPA-free materials eliminate this risk, ensuring safer consumption of processed juice. BPA-free membranes often incorporate advanced materials and technologies that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the juice processing, such as better filtration and longevity of the membranes.

2. Robust construction

Because of their robust construction, you will not encounter problems of membrane tube explosion, which can be an issue with other membrane manufacturers with over 12% greater pressure rating.

3. Tailored PVDF membrane types for Fruit/Vegetable Juices

A summary of the main membranes used for juice clarification is shown below.

MembraneSpecificationNominal retention character
FPU10Ultrafiltration100 kDa
FPU20Ultrafiltration200 kDa
LPU450Ultrafiltration450 kDa
LMU02Microfiltration0.2 µm

For apple juices only, we recommend using our FPU10 tubular UF membranes with a MWCO (Molecular Weight Cut-Off) of 100 kDa. This will help to achieve very light colour of clarified apple juice while maintaining a good quality product, with low turbidity up to a maximum of 0.5 NTU.

The most common UF membrane used in juice applications has a MWCO of 200 kDa. When processing light juices, we recommend using our FPU20 tubular ultrafiltration membranes.

For flexibility, when running both light and pink juices, LPU450 tubular UF membranes with a MWCO of 400-500 kDa can be used. These membranes offer greater performance with a minimum pressure drop, while maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the juices.

For dark juices, we recommend using our LMU02 tubular MF membranes with a nominal pore size of 0.2 µm. They have a more opened membrane surface compared to the LPU450 membranes. This will help keep the colour while maintaining a good quality product, with low turbidity.

Membrane selection guideline:

Juice ClassificationMembrane TypeAdvantagesRemarks
Light: Apple onlyFPU10High quality product and low turbidity maximum of 0.5 NTUOnly recommended for apple juice
LightFPU20High quality product and turbidity lower than 1 NTUIt offers flexibility in terms of production scheduling when using different types of juices
PinkLPU450High quality product and turbidity lower than 1 NTU  Guarantee an intensive colour of the clarified juice
DarkLMU02High quality product and low turbidityNot suitable for Apple or any light coloured juices

4. Significant cost savings

Increased Recovery Rates & Yields

Higher operating pressures facilitate improved recovery rates, achieving 90% to 95% recovery subject to solids level. This means more juice is produced per batch, leading to greater financial returns. Though exact monetary values for recovered juice are not provided, the increase in yield is evident in the increased number of litres; can or cartons generated from the same batch of raw juice.

Cost-Effective Transition

For companies restricted in CAPEX for upgrading to A19/Stainless Steel options, the K19 offers a viable OPEX solution. Transitioning to higher pressures with K19 does not require significant capital expenditure, making it an efficient upgrade path.

Reduced Downtime and Labor Costs

Are you tired of costly interruptions? Our competitor’s membranes average 90 minutes of downtime per incident, costing valuable time and material to repair the system, leading to significant financial losses. In extensive trials, our K19 membranes showed zero issues, ensuring seamless operations and maximizing productivity. Transform your operations today!

5. Customisation and Flow Control

The K19 product allows for precise control over permeate flow. By selecting appropriately sized gaskets and cross flow volume, the Applications team can optimise system performance. PCI permeate gaskets, enhance crossflow volume in the latter modules, contributing to improved system efficiency.


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