PCI Membranes Academy

Check out our educational webinar series that will introduce you to various membrane technologies, how to use them to perform specific functions, and take you through specific applications that benefit from membrane solutions.

A Fruit Juice Processing and Cleaning Webinar

Have you been troubled by membrane fouling during fruit juice clarification? Did you know that the right selected membrane type as well as proper cleaning is essential to improve the consistency of key performance indicators and extend the membrane life of your UF system?

Our expert and Ecolab’s expert will explain how to run and clean UF systems used in juice clarification processes.

Optimise your textile dyeing process with membrane technology

Efficient manufacturing processes will reduce the total processing costs and help you reaching sustainable development goals.

Samson Akanbi, senior process engineer at PCI Membranes, will be discussing dye applications (Desalting/Purification, Concentration & Water Recovery) and solutions to optimise your textile dyeing processes.

Membrane Technology in Dairy Processing

Dairy is a growth market driven by ingredients innovations and consumer demands. There is a multitude of separations required to achieve the needed product purities.

Watch again our “Membrane Technology in Dairy Processing” webinar to hear from our experts about membrane technology in Dairy processing and innovations happening in this space.

Membrane Solutions for Landfill Leachate Treatment

Landfill leachate is known to be one of the most complex liquid wastes to be treated. Furthermore, it has to meet acceptable criteria to allow direct discharge into public sewage networks or natural water bodies.

Watch the “Membrane solutions for landfill leachate treatment” webinar replay to hear from our experts about different treatment techniques, and membrane solutions for landfill leachate.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Wastewater Treatment with MBR Technology

Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) technology is revolutionising the way we treat wastewater, combining biological processes with membrane filtration for efficient and sustainable results.

Watch the “Leading the Way in Sustainable Wastewater Treatment with MBR Technology” webinar to learn about the latest advancements in wastewater treatment and expand your knowledge on MBR technology!

Introduction to PCI Membranes Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF) for Industrial Applications

During this session, our expert Simon Yang discussed various topics such as the design, operation, and maintenance of TMF systems, as well as their potential to reduce waste and improve efficiency in industrial processes. If you’re looking to discover the future of industrial filtration, join us for this exciting replay of our webinar.