PCI Membranes Academy

A Fruit Juice Processing and Cleaning Webinar

Have you been troubled by membrane fouling during fruit juice clarification? Did you know that the right selected membrane type as well as proper cleaning is essential to improve the consistency of key performance indicators and extend the membrane life of your UF system? 

Our expert and Ecolab’s expert will explain how to run and clean UF systems used in juice clarification processes.

What you will learn in the webinar:

  • The role of membranes
  • Fruit juice clarification​
  • Systems & basic operation​
  • Membrane cleaning and support

Speaker bio

Piotr Bruzda

Director of Business Development – PCI Membranes

Leif H. Knudsen

EMEA Application Specialist Dairy/Membrane, FOOD & BEVERAGE DIVISION – Ecolab

Deniz Kasap

Food Engineer – Septa Filtrasyon

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