PCI Tubular Membrane Filtration (TMF™) Series

Tubular Membrane Filtration (TMF) modules

PCI Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF™) modules are long-lasting, back-washable filters that meet the needs of solid/liquid separation of industrial wastewater treatment and recycling. The PCI TMF modules also act as a reliable pre-treatment stage in zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems.

PCI TMF modules contain patented membrane tubes with a uniform, thermally bonded, omni-directional substrate pore structure that provides an optimized support structure for tubular membranes and enhanced membrane durability. This structure provides consistent and reliable solid/liquid separations and long service life. These composite membranes are made of PVDF membranes bonded to PE substrate, which makes them much stronger and more durable than other similar tubular membrane filters in the market.

TMF modules are widely used in the following applications where each module acts as reliable pre-treatment of a membrane desalination unit, or as a guarantee before wastewater discharge:

  • Enhanced chemical softening system for high hardness and/or high silica industry water including RO brine, cooling tower blowdown, biologically-pretreated landfill leachate, flue-gas desulfurisation wastewater of power plant and other kinds of combined wastewater
  • As a high performance solid/liquid separation unit after chemical reaction stages in heavy metal treatment & recycling systems
  • Fluoride reduction for wastewater in semiconductor, solar cell or metals manufacturing industries
  • Fine particle removal for some processing wastewater, such as cutting and/or back grinding wastewater when processing semiconductor integrated circuit wafer
  • Many other solid/liquid separations for industrial effluents



PCI TMF membranes are suitable for many applications including:

Heavy Metal Removal
✓ RO feed pretreatment and concentrate reclaim
Fluoride Removal
High Solids effluents
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Systems


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Learning Center

[Webinar] Introduction to PCI Membranes Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF) for Industrial Applications

During this session, our expert Simon Yang discussed various topics such as the design, operation, and maintenance of TMF systems, as well as their potential to reduce waste and improve efficiency in industrial processes. If you’re looking to discover the future of industrial filtration, join us for this exciting replay of our webinar.