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[Webinar] Introduction to PCI Membranes Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF) for Industrial Applications

Welcome to the replay of our webinar, “Introduction to PCI Membranes Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF) for Industrial Applications.” During this session, our expert Simon Yang discussed various topics such as the design, operation, and maintenance of TMF systems, as well as their potential to reduce waste and improve efficiency in industrial processes. If you’re looking to discover the future of industrial filtration, join us for this exciting replay of our webinar.

What you will learn in the webinar:

  • Introduction of PCI Membranes
  • Introduction of TMF product series
  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Our references

Speaker bio

Simon Yang

Product Sales Manager
– PCI Membranes

Tubular Membrane Filtration (TMF) modules

With over 50 years of membrane filtration experience, PCI Membranes have proven their ability to solve the most challenging applications. PCI Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF™) modules are long-lasting, back-washable filters that meet the needs of solid/liquid separation of industrial wastewater treatment and recycling. The PCI TMF modules also act as a reliable pre-treatment stage in zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems.