Why should you trust us as your new membranes provider?

① Robust construction

Our double-ply membrane tubes & SS AISI 316L housings allow operating temperatures up to 60°C and operating pressures up to 7 bar.

② No problems with membrane tube explosion

Because of their robust construction, you will not encounter problems of membrane tube explosion, which can be an issue with other membrane manufacturers.

③ Tailored PVDF membrane types for Fruit/Vegetable Juices

  • Light-coloured juices: FPA10/FPS10 (100 kDa MWCO) and FPA20/FPS20 (200 kDa MWCO)
  • Pink-coloured juices: LPA450/LPS450 (450 kDa MWCO)
  • Dark-colored juices: LMA02/LMS02 (0.2 µm pore size)

④ Significant cost savings

You will be able to save your costs, thanks to our innovative recoreable design for simple & rapid membrane replacement. When put into operation, you just need to replace the membrane core instead of the whole module.

The advantages of our membranes

Before vs. After

✓ Minimum adjustments to the existing UF/MF systems are required during transition to a robust & cost effective membrane core in stainless steel housing;

✓ It is easy to check the clarified juice’s quality from the transparent hoses connecting the housing’s permeate offtakes to the manifold;

✓ It is possible to reduce the number of installed modules per pathway from 14 to 12 pieces, without reducing the throughput of the UF system;

✓ Less maintenance and process downtime due to the robust construction of PCI Membranes’ products, which allows a maximum operating temperature and pressure of 60°C and 7 bar respectively;

✓ Reduced OpEx and environmental impact as the only replaced element is a membrane core while the stainless steel housing can be reused.

PCI Membranes vs other solutions

product compatibility chart


• Our FPA10/FPS10 (100 kDa) and FPA20/FPS20 membranes (200 kDa) are equivalent to KSS’ HFM-180 (100 kDa). We recommend FPA10/FPS10 if you are processing apple juice only, otherwise (for other light juices) we recommend FPA20/FPS20;

• Our LPA450/LPS450 membranes (450 kDa) are equivalent to KSS’ HFM-513 (500 kDa) and are suitable for all type of juices;

• Our LMA02/LMS02 membranes (0.2 µm) are equivalent to KSS’ MFK-617 (0.1 µm) and are suitable for dark juices.


A19 are equivalent to KSS’ SUPER-COR® 3010 (A19 10’) and SUPER-COR® XL 3012 (A19 12’);

A37 are equivalent to KSS’ SUPER-COR® XL Plus 4312 (A37 12′).

Following is a chart summarizing PCI products for fruit juice applications equivalent to KSS ones:

KSS modelKSS p/nMembrane areaDiameterLengthPCI equivalent modulePCI equivalent core
SUPER-COR® 3010 HFM-18007120102.2 m23”10’Module A19/10FPA10/10,
SUPER-COR® 3010 HFM-51307120702.2 m23”10’Module A19/10LPA450/10
SUPER-COR® 3010 MFK-61707120042.2 m23”10’Module A19/10LMA02/10
SUPER-COR® XL 3012 HFM-18007122102.7 m23”12’Module A19/12FPA10/12,
SUPER-COR® XL 3012 HFM-51307122702.7 m23”12’Module A19/12LPA450/12
SUPER-COR® XL 3012 MFK-61707122042.7 m23”12’Module A19/12LMA02/12
SUPER-COR® XL Plus 4312 HFM-18007123105.1 m24.3”12’Module A37/12FPS10/12,
SUPER-COR® XL Plus 4312 HFM-51307123705.1 m24.3”12’Module A37/12LPS450/12
SUPER-COR® XL Plus 4312 MFK-61707123045.1 m24.3”12’Module A37/12LMS02/12

Note: SUPER-COR® is trademark of Koch Separation Solutions, Inc.

Note: PCI Membranes’ Module A37/12 requires matching the housing diameter (4″) either by installing an Adapter 3″-to-4.3″ or by changing the U-Bends.

How can we help you?

If you are ready to increase the robustness of your UF unit and start saving money today, contact our experts. They will work with you in calculating the return of investment of PCI Membranes’ solution, and guide you through the steps of replacing your existing membrane and modules.