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crossflow membrane filtration systems

With more than 50 years of experiences across multiple Industries, PCI Membranes is specialised in providing process solutions for a wide variety of filtration applications using microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis technologies.

Concentration of grape must by reverse osmosis

Tubular reverse osmosis is a process well-suited for the concentration of grape must prior to vinification, since no pretreatment is required, and very high product quality is realised at economical cost.


Style to emulate old Advanced Navigation Module

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Gray Block behind Content

select the block and under the Advanced tab, add the class “grayblock

if you’d like to add padding within the gray block add the class “pt-5” for top padding, add the class “pb-5” for the bottom padding

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Button widths

to get 2 buttons to sit side by side, apply the class “btn-half-width” in the advanced tab.

to have a button fill the full width of any container it resides in add the class “btn-full-width” in the advanced tab