Evaporator Condensate Recovery

Evaporators are used extensively in the food, dairy, and distillation industries as a method of removing water from a fluid to obtain a more stable or reduced volume product, often by subsequently drying the concentrate to a powder. The water condensed during evaporation is hot and may contain a small amount of the product itself. […]

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recovery of sugar

Recovery of Sugar

Introduction In the confectionery and many food and beverage industries, sugar (present as sucrose, fructose and glucose, etc.) is the main constituent in some of the process streams. Inevitably, it is also present in the effluent streams arising from these industries. There is, however, considerable interest among manufacturers to optimise process economics through product recovery, […]

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Tubular Microfiltration Membranes For Clarification Of Juices

Karolina Pokus, MSc. Chemical & Process Eng. Application Engineer One of the newest technologies in the food industry is the application of membrane technology, which has seen the replacement of traditional multi-stage filtration, separation and evaporator process with a single membrane process. The rapid expansion of membrane technology is dictated by the many advantages like the […]

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