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Over 50 years ago, Porex launched the sintered porous plastics industry by developing and manufacturing porous polymer materials to support caustic fluid separation processes.

Porex to Showcase Its Design and Engineering Solutions That Are Advancing the Medical Industry at MD&M West

(Fairburn, GA – February 5, 2019) – Through its customized material design solutions, Porex is delivering innovations that bring product designs to life. These solutions ...

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Milk Standardisation - Membrane solutions for dairy products

Milk Standardisation – Membrane solutions for dairy products

Standardisation Standardisation refers to the process of adjusting the fat, protein, solids and non-fat content of milk and cream to standardise values, depending on the type of end-product being produced. This is mainly done to maximise the economic return from milk components whilst maintaining both the end-product quality and composition. The standardised fat content of […]

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Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) for Wastewater Treatment

Executive summary The Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) couples an activated sludge reactor with a membrane filtration unit; MBR is a very efficient treatment with several advantages over conventional activated sludge technologies; MBR is used for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications; Two MBR configurations are available (submerged and sidestream). PCI Membranes can help you choosing […]

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potable water treatment

Potable water treatment

What is potable water? Potable water is water which is safe to drink. It must be safe in terms of chemical composition and organoleptic properties. Usually, potable water comes from surface or underground water, which will then need be treated to levels that meet the local standards for consumptions. Access to safe potable water is […]

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